Knowing God: Training Young Christian Youth Leaders

As young Christian leaders, the responsibility of guiding and nurturing the faith of their peers is a task of great significance. Equipping them with the knowledge and understanding of the Bible is crucial in enabling them to effectively lead their respective Bible study groups. To fulfill this need, we organized a training program to introduce them to “Book 1,” a comprehensive Bible study guide centered on “Knowing God.”

The Importance of Training Young Leaders

  1. Empowering the Next Generation: Training young Christian leaders is essential for the continuity and growth of the local church. By investing in their education and spiritual development, we ensure that the next generation is well-prepared to take on leadership roles.
  2. Impact on Youth Ministry: Equipping young leaders with the right tools and knowledge empowers them to effectively reach out to and influence their peers, creating a strong and vibrant youth ministry within their churches.

The Training Program

The training program was designed to provide young leaders with a solid foundation in understanding “Knowing God” and how to effectively utilize this knowledge in their Bible study groups.

  1. Exploring “Book 1”: The training began with an in-depth exploration of the content within “Book 1.” This involved delving into the core themes, key teachings, and practical applications related to knowing God.
  2. Teaching Methodology: The program also focused on equipping the young leaders with effective teaching methodologies. This included interactive sessions, group discussions, and practical demonstrations to ensure that they could engage their peers in a meaningful and impactful manner.
  3. Spiritual Development: In addition to the academic aspect, the training program emphasized the personal spiritual growth of the young leaders. They were encouraged to deepen their own understanding of God and strengthen their relationship with Him through reading the bible.

Empowering Youth Leaders

The ultimate goal of the training program was to empower these young leaders to go forth and impart their knowledge to the youth in their respective Bible study groups within their churches.

  1. Leadership Skills: By instilling a strong understanding of “Knowing God” and effective teaching methods, the young leaders were equipped to develop their leadership skills, empowering them to effectively guide their peers in their faith journey.
  2. Fostering Community: Through this training, the young leaders were not only equipped to teach, but also to foster a sense of community within their respective Bible study groups. They were encouraged to create a nurturing and supportive environment for their peers to grow in their faith.
  3. Multiplying Impact: By training these young leaders, the impact of the “Knowing God” study guide extends beyond the training program itself. Each young leader has the potential to influence and guide numerous peers within their respective Bible study groups, thereby multiplying the reach and impact of the program.


The training program aimed to instill a deep understanding of “Knowing God” within the hearts and minds of young Christian leaders, empowering them to be effective and influential mentors within their respective Bible study groups. By investing in the training and equipping of these young leaders, we are ensuring a strong foundation for the future, where the youth are not only nurtured in their faith but also empowered to lead and guide others in their spiritual journey.

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