Integrated Church and Community Mobilization Process

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Project Summary

The Integrated Church and Community Mobilization Project, is funded by Tear Fund U.K  since 2008, This project has successfully addressed trauma, lack of peace, and advocacy challenges faced by religious leaders in the West Nile and Bidibidi refugee settlement areas. The project aimed to train church leaders and members to effectively engage with their communities, fostering peace, healing trauma, and promoting advocacy.


Training Overview

In one of the training conducted at Erepi Primary Teachers College various churches, including Church of Uganda, Pentecostal Assembly of God, Baptist Church, Catholic Church, Anglican church etc. were involved.

The training encompassed detailed sessions on Church and Community Mobilization, peace building, trauma healing, and advocacy. The comprehensive curriculum covered the two phases, five stages, nine Bible studies, and ten pillars of the Church and Community Mobilization process. Additionally, key topics on peace building, trauma healing, and advocacy were thoroughly explored, equipping the participants with essential knowledge and skills.


The training successfully delivered all planned subtopics under each category, providing a well-rounded understanding of the integrated Church and Community Mobilization process. Notably, the high mobilization of disciples from various churches and the impactful trauma healing sessions facilitated open discussions and the sharing of challenges faced by church leaders, leading to constructive solutions and positive feedback.

The initiative of the facilitators to contribute to a needy student’s tuition fees and their active engagement with the Erepi Primary Teachers College community further showcased the project’s positive influence and outreach.

Impact and Next Steps

The integrated training not only enhanced the understanding of trauma, peace, and advocacy but also fostered a desire for deeper integration within individual churches. this indicates a strong demand for continued engagement with the project’s principles.


The Integrated Church and Community Mobilization Project has made significant change in equipping church leaders with the tools and knowledge to address trauma, promote peace, and advocate for positive change within their communities.